Watch Dogs digital trip (Madness)

This particular trip is very annoying to me, it’s not so bad through the first few phases. Eventually though it starts getting ridiculous, for example you have to maintain a killstreak of 30 (I believe that is phase 27, there are a total of 29 phases and if you fail one you have to start from the beginning.) Anyway I cannot get past phase 27 for the life of me, have any of you completed this digital trip? If so can you give some tips?

The reward for completing Madness is a pretty awesome outfit for Aiden:

Not yet.
I went over my friends house to see/play the game and he only got to Lvl. 20-24. (forget what challenge he was on) As for the trip, it does seem to be pretty difficult, but the trick he and I found was to find a long straight-away and stay in that area. (we found a straight bridge that would keep the “Zombies” running into the sides, all you’d have to do is ride the wall)

As for the unlocked attire, it looks legit, but (from what I’ve seen) your attire in the game doesn’t change much/half look ridiculous.

Best of luck if you are still going for the suit.

Nope i have tried and tried.
Phrase 28 is almost impossible. the whole 30 KS is jsut stupid if you ask me, but the outfit does look good.
But stil i ****ing LOVED the Alone Trip and the outfit is great too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the last of the digital trip outfits I need is the madness one. But that 30 killstreak phase stops me every time. I took a break for a little bit because I was about to rage over it, I had a 28 killstreak and I hit one of those lava things. FML ):<

Yeha i got to 26 and lost it cause none of those demons spawned in time.
But not to mention those ****ing Lava demons spawn too and **** your **** up once they see you. :confused:

It may sound ridiculous, but have you guys tried going slow during this challenges?
(You may only get one chance to complete the challenge, but that’s all you need; just throwing it out there because it’d allow you to worry more about avoiding the “Lava Man-Holes” rather than the “X” number of “Zombies”.)

…haven’t played much of the trip so I’m just throwing out an idea that I’d try.

Haven’t tried going slow, I’m usually too stressed trying to keep the combo to go slow. But maybe I should try it, I’ll try it again in a couple of hours.

Like I said, it’s something I’d try if I was playing the game.
Best of luck and post back if it works!

That doesn’t work too well at that point because of the lack of enemies.
There are huge areas with almost no enemies, and the enemies that are there are very few and spaced out.

I’ve only gotten to that phase, but the last two should be easy (supposed to be a cop chase, no enemies except for lava ones)

Yeah I would’ve had phase 27 if I wouldn’t of hit one of those lava pillars. And I just tried going slow but it didn’t help, I kept losing the combo.

Edit: I attempted it again, and I got past 27 but guess what…

Ah, well the area my friend was in never seemed to drop it’s population and so after failing I thought of him trying to slow down and attempt the combo (would allow him to be cautious of his surroundings/not running into a lava pillar)

Well, that’s always frustrating, but if you can do it once than you can do it again.
Best of luck!

I seem to be getting worse now, I’m getting stuck on parts I never got stuck on before. :expressionless:

Watch_Dogs is a awesome game… Love it to death !!!

Yea that happens to me a lot… I guess the game is nor quite optimized for ADM systems :anguished:

Does anyone know how to get the Auto-6 pistol? I have all the guns from the gun store and the progression wheel, but I have yet to get that gun. Is it dlc or something?

This game had a lot of preorder content, and that was from Wal Mart only.

I hate when games do this, also hate how the Playstation versions have exclusive content, too.

Damn I wanted to get all the guns too, well this sucks…

Question, would I be able to use a watch dogs dlc code from the Xbox 360 on my Xbox one? It’s a 25 digit code, so wouldn’t I just be able to go to the main menu on watch dogs and redeem the code?

I never saw the point in doing this since no one will ever see what outfit you’re wearing in MP.

The season pass will include all Pre-Order DLC.

No. DLC codes for the Xbox 360 unlock DLC for the Xbox 360.
DLC codes for the Xbox One unlock DLC for the Xbox One.

Redeeming an Xbox 360 code on an Xbox One doesn’t change the fact that the code unlocks content for the 360.

No it doesn’t.

It misses all customization items except for the 1920s ones and all weapons (except for the Tommy Gun).

I heard they will release all the pre order dlc eventually to the public, as like packs you can buy or something. And when they do it’ll be free for season pass holders, atleast that is what people are saying on the Ubisoft forums.