Watch subscription Twitch.TV live/vods at full quality for free

Basically all you need is VLC if you don’t want to use their own video player (which I find very useful because you can move to any time you want).

  1. Locate what vod you want. I will be using OGN for example.
  2. Grab the vod you want to watch, this is the vod I choose: [b]here[/b]
  3. Go to VideoTools - Downloading videos from popular resources (website looks sketchy but it works)
  4. Paste the vod link and get video. Now you can choose your quality based on your connection speed.

  1. Now you can do this any of these three ways.
    a) Download each part (30minutes each).
    b) Stream them via VLC (I will have a mini tutorial below this)
    c) Clicking this button on each part will bring up their player which is pretty decent:

And that’s basically it, enjoy.

How to use VLC with these links

  1. Grab all links and paste them in a notepad.
  2. Open up VLC and hit CTRL + L.
  3. Right Click -> Advanced Open and click the network tab. Then add the link and press enquene. REPEAT THIS FOR ALL LINKS IN THE RIGHT ORDER!

You can also use this method to watch streams in vlc if you prefer it to the normal twitch site.

What you will need is livestreamer and VLC.

  1. Once you finished downloading livestreamer open up CMD. Type CMD in searchbar to locate it.

2.After that and assuming you have the twitch stream all you need to do in cmd is type this exactly:

livestreamer mobile_high

and this will automatically bring it up with vlc.