We Mod causing flicker, disconnect, alt-tab, and crashes?

I’ve been using WeMod without problem for quite a while now and it’s only very recently that I’ve begun experiencing these problems. When playing games with Wemod active I will experience any number of different problems, (or very rarely none at all) always starting with my screen turning to black for 5-10 seconds and then when the game comes back sometimes it resumes working fine, sometimes the controller has disconnected or the game has alt-tabbed or switched to a windowed mode. Some games just outright stop responding when the screen comes back, but in every other case where the game doesn’t crash it will continue playing and the flicker bugs will continue at random intervals that I can’t consistently repeat.
I’ve already made sure to whitelist Wemod, reinstall it, mess with my antivirus settings, even disabling it entirely, and it seems like as long as Wemod is running the problem will happen regardless of what I do to try and fix it. Can anyone help me?

It sounds like you have already tried some troubleshooting steps, but here are a few more things
you can try:

Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Sometimes outdated drivers can cause issues with games and other software.

Check to see if your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the games you are playing with WeMod. If your computer is struggling to run the game in the first place, it could be causing issues when you add WeMod on top of it.

Try running the games without WeMod and see if the same issues occur. This could help you determine whether the issue is with WeMod or something else entirely.

If you are running any other programs while using WeMod, try closing them to see if they are causing conflicts.

Contact WeMod support directly to see if they have any suggestions or solutions. They may be able to help you pinpoint the issue and find a solution.

Hopefully one of these steps will help resolve the issue you are experiencing with WeMod.