We mod stuck loading

So i installed we mod and it downloaded just fine but whenever i open we mod the loading is stuck

You have comcast so you need to disable the advanced security it is known it dont like wemod

and if that doesnt work downloading a fresh copy usually fixes it for me.

Can confirm. WeMod would not load last night and today. I checked my setting on Xfinity, advanced security was disabled. Re-downloaded the app, reinstalled, bingo!

See instructions in this more recent thread here: Still facing an issue with load screen :slight_smile:

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I ran into this this morning. I have a PiHole setup and it was blocking access to www.googletagmanager.com. I whitelisted the domain in the PiHole webadmin, loaded WeMod sucessfully, deleted the URL from the whitelist and all seems well now. It may be a cached entry on my machine so if this happens again, I’ll have to add this process to opening WeMod.