Welcome to XboxMB v2!

Welcome to XboxMB v2

Welcome to the new site!

We’ve been working on this for a while. The site was feeling a bit old, so we freshened it up (a lot)!

Everything is still as easy to use as it was before, so it shouldn’t be hard to adapt to the new layout.

Please look over the new rules/terms of service:
Terms of Service

They’re shorter than the old ones and much easier to read!

P.S. The site is 100% HTTPS now.
This means nobody can intercept your traffic to and from the XboxMB server.


I did nothing to help with this :thumbsup:

Looks great let’s keep the site going strong :smile:.

You really didn’t. Now where’s you admin?

Glad to finally see this released, looks great!


Awesome job Cheater! Glad I could be part of the testing that went on. :smiley:

Awww yee. Hopefully most of the bugs were sorted out behind the scenes, but I’m sure we’re going to encounter a lot from here on out. Remember to report these bugs, maybe Cheater should start a main thread to report it all?

Love the layout, btw. Very happy with how it turned out. Just would like to see badges, or maybe the “Diamond” under their name a different color, since it’s same as Beta Tester. Unless user-group tags are all meant to be gray/silver.

Nice I like the new design you make a good job like always cheater :thumbsup:

Looks good about time the site had a new design! :laughing: I take it we don’t have badges anymore?

No more badges! Just text. Much easier to manage, and it looks cleaner.

Looks awesome! I love it! The change is good. :smile:

What about the post count?

Post count is gone off of the forum pages. We want people to post quality content and not go for a number.

Neat, change is exciting.
I do miss post/thank count in “basic info,” and the titles that badges were used for. It will take some adjusting; glad to see XMB getting a new face.

Edit: I was in the mobile skin; not a fan of that. The forum default is much better, and familiar.

very excited for this. although the mobile version is a bit long with all the sub forums. still excited!

could this mean horizon v4 is coming out soon?

That’s a good way to look at it. I like that a lot. I’ll just have to get use to going to my ‘About Me’ page to see my posts so I know when I need to post in the ‘milestone and achievements’ thread.

Anyway, I’m sure the change is for the better.

Yeah this looks really nice. I dig it. Great work guys!

This page should be back up, IMO:

I use that often for quick access to online staff members.



It looks fantastic. Looks so clean and organized!