WeMod 7 Bug [Full Screen On 2nd Monitor]

I just noticed this the other day. When opening WeMod v7 and dragging to my second screen, I resize then maximize to make it only open maximized on that monitor. In v6, this was no issue, but in v7, no matter what I do it will not open on my second monitor after resizing, maximizing and closing it there.

This is more of a nuisance than an issue, but wanted to put this out there :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the report. Does it save the position on your second monitor if it’s not maximized?

Hey Frank, yes it saves if it isn’t maximized.

This should be fixed in the next update :+1:

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Hey @User_N4m3, can you confirm it’s working now?

It still works the same way for me (opens on my main display and I have to move it every time).

@frank, I can confirm that moving to my other display then resizing and closing makes it stay on that display every time it is opened.

And it restores the maximized state on the 2nd monitor?

@Chris does it save the window position at all? Edit: Solved offline

@frank, yep it stays maximized on the second monitor :+1:

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I love the new design.
Unfortunately the window in the second monitor, after being de-maximized, opens outside the screen boundaries hiding top part (header).
Nothing serious, just changed the monitor, resized the window, and put it back.

Works for me as expected but then again I’m using a laptop with a 2nd screen

Love the new design