WeMod Android app blank screen aftre connection

I have a Moto G Stylus 5G, Running Android 12
The app opens fine and gives me the connection code screen like normal. However after I enter the code I get the little popup at the bottom saying connected but the screen just stays blank.
I have tried reinstalling both the desktop and phone app’s as well as clearing the cache and user data but still get the same issue


Did you ever resolve this, I had the app runing fine on my S22Ultra but ive just switched to the S24Ultra and now the wemod remote app does the same as yours, connects with code fine but as soon as i launch a game it goes to a blank screen. Ive tried doing the direct link via phone web browser and that works perfect. Just weird that the actual app has stopped working and i cant find a reason why…

Nope no reply from anyone… We are paying for ■■■■ customer service as is the norm these days sadly

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