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WeMod bypass manager

So I’ve noticed there is some confusion with bypasses and how to use them and I’ve been learning how to build GUI in QT so I figured I would throw together an application that will automatically change the files for you. I will continue to update it so it works better and has additional features when I have time.

To do:
Add game icons to buttons
Better install detection(registry key?)
Make the UI less grey?

It will automatically detect the game if it is installed in the default directory if not you will need to manually find it. If you did a custom install your folder names will need to match the default install.

Yes, my GUI skills are impeccable.

If you are selecting a custom install please follow the directions here:
GR: Breakpoint - Select the folder with your games. DO NOT SELECT THE ACTUAL GAME FOLDER! EX: If you game is in D:\Uplay\Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands select: \Uplay\
You will still need to run the custom EXE from the install folder.

GR: Wildlands - Same thing as Breakpoint. You will still need to run the Wildlands bypass included in the download before starting the game. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Steam

SAO - Custom Install: Select your Steam folder. The install must still follow the default Steam directory /steamapps/common/SWORD ART ONLINE FATAL BULLET

GOW 5 - This will launch the bypass after which you will need to start the game

Outlaws - Make sure your game is in the default directory or in a custom install with the following path /steamapps/common/Outlaws of the Old West/Outlaws/Binaries/Win64/Outlaws-Win64-Shipping_BE.exe

This is not an official WeMod application. I(Chris) created this as a user not as a staff member of WeMod. I did not create any of these bypasses.

Download: (9.5 MB)

Checksum information
Name: Bypass_Manager.exe
Size: 1160704 bytes (1 MB)

SHA256: F31FE7A3C2B6CAB14784F3C66DA51717C827FAFC1A42727C2502351F26758D11

Unzip it and run Bypass_Manager.exe

Per QT TOS here is the source:
Yes the code is hideous but I wrote it once then copy and pasted it to all the games.