Wemod cannot find Crysis - GOG version

Hello all
I have just installed Crysis on to my new pc. The game executable is installed to
E:\GOG games\Crysis\bin64\Crysis.exe.
I have pointed Wemod to this file, but when I try to run under Wemod I get the message
We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game.
The game then loads and runs ok but with no cheats from Wemod.
Double clicking the executable in File Manager or using the shortcut without Wemod opens and runs the game with no problem.
I have deleted and reset the executable within Wemod a number of times to no avail.
Can anyone help ?

As far as I know, we do not have any available mods for the Crysis game on the GOG platform. You can refer to the attached image for reference.

Thankyou for your reply
I realise that there are no mods for the GOG version.
I selected to use the Steam mods as I do for the following games which also have no GOG
mods; these are only a few of the games I have played under Wemod using Steam mods.

The Technomancer
Dying Light
Hellblade: Sensua’s Sacrifice
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Bioshock Infinite
Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Serious Sam 4

All installed to E:\GOG Games and all executables are set within Wemod to eg.
E:\GOG Games\The Technomancer\TheTechnomancer.exe.
The first 5 of these games are still installed and run fine under Wemod
and Steam mods.
Dying Light now has mods for the GOG version but I still use Steam mods.
In fact, the whole time I have been using Wemod I have used the Steam mods
if no GOG mods exist and have never had any problem with the mods not working
or Wemod not finding the game. This instance is the first time I have had problems.

I understand, and I appreciate for the detailed information about it. In that scenario, as you’ve mentioned, there are instances where it may work and other times when it won’t. Sadly, we cannot offer support if you are attempting to use a trainer designed for a different platform.

There’s a detailed explanation of why there are different trainers for different store versions, and why some but not all may work cross-platform, here: Why are there different cheats for each storefront? - #4 by Ravenfyre.

From my experience of using mods and trainers for over a decade:

  • About 96% of Steam trainers may work on Epic Games.
  • About 16% of Steam trainers may work on Ubisoft games.
  • About 9% of Steam trainers may work on GOG games.
  • Exactly 0% of Steam trainers will work on Windows Store/Xbox Game Pass games.
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Thankyou for your reply.
I would mention, however, on my previous pc, Windows 10 Pro the same as my present one, then I could run Crysis under Wemod and Steam mods with no problems, and all mods worked.
I cannot see, though, how selecting the ‘wrong’ mods means that Wemod cannot find the program, especially when it says that the game is already open, so it must know that it is there and running.
Be that as it may I will not try to run Crysis until/unless GOG mods are available.
Thankyou for your explanations.

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