WeMod charging to use cheats?

Are you ■■■■■■■ serious right now? I have to pay 8 dollars a months just to use certain cheats now? This is ■■■■■■■ bullshit. This better be a ■■■■■■■ bug.

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The ability to toggle the on/off sliders manually is reserved to pro members.AFAIK you can just use the corresponding hotkeys without the need to pay a single dime.


First of all, refrain from the salty language. And instead of jumping to assumptions about things - ask politely. I really don’t like revoking people’s privilege of posting in our community, but if you can’t communicate in a mature manner, that’s what will happen.

There are no Pro-only trainers at WeMod. If you are not Pro, you need you activate cheats by using the keyboard hotkeys - (which is actually how game trainers from the internet have usually worked for the last decade or more) - as opposed to clicking them.
Activating cheats by clicking them is a Pro-only feature and always has been since day one. Nothing has changed here.

WeMod is free to use, but it is not free to develop. Pro users are the only reason that WeMod still exists and can be used by free users like yourself, because they are helping WeMod to cover the costs of maintaining the software, buying servers, maintaining servers, renting server space, paying electricity bills, paying staff and so on.
Therefore, Pro users get much more benefits than regular users, such as the ability to activate cheats by clicking, the ability to use a remote app and more control over which games get trainers made or updated as priority.

Also note that WeMod has every right to make its service paid-only, like the vast majority of trainer providers these days. But it hasn’t.

TL:DR - Keyboard hotkeys. Press them.
Next time - take a breath, chill out and ask politely when you don’t understand something or don’t realise how something works. People will be more willing to help you if you are polite.

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I am using the hotkeys, but they’re not working. Is it a bug then?

The game has not been updated since 2012, as far as I can see. So the trainer should be working fine as long as it is legitimately purchased from a store that we have a trainer for.

Also make sure you are following the cheat instructions correctly. If you hover your mouse cursor over the “i” next to the cheat, there are instructions there on how to use it. :slight_smile:

It’s not the game, it does the same with games like Planet Zoo. Basically, any cheat that gives money, experience, or whatever just won’t activate, but toggle cheats work perfectly fine. I played DA2 using the trainer and the cheats that won’t work now worked perfectly fine. And no, I pirate games, I’m too stupid to know how. It’s definitely a bug.

The Planet Zoo game very recently got an update. So we’re waiting on the trainer developer to get around to updating the trainer for it, depending on the current update queue. This is not a bug nor anything new, it’s to be expected - game updates break trainers until they are also updated.

Nothing has changed in the Dragon Age 2 game since 2012, so there’s no reason for the trainer to break all of a sudden. Make sure you are following those cheat activation instructions correctly.

Let me further elaborate. The cheats aren’t just not working, they’re straight up not activating. Neither no skill cooldown or unlimited ammo on the Mass Effect 3 trainer work, but since they’re toggle cheats, they still activate. With apply cheats on the other hand, they won’t activate.

What do you mean they won’t activate because they are “apply cheats”?

@ratboy181 Just want to confirm I’m understanding this correctly: all cheats work in every game you’ve tried except for the ones that are an “Apply” button? Would you mind listing all the games this has happened with?

The statement you said “There are no Pro-only trainers at WeMod”, is not true. I have used WeMod on two games at where some functions were locked that required a pro plan which I was fine with because I mostly only use WeMod to stop or delay game days. I just started playing Witch of Fern Island, the days are super fast in comparison to other games so I launched WeMod to see if the game was available and it was! I was excited until I loaded the game and discovered every mod requires pro - NONE of it is free to use.
Your statement is true for most games but not all.

All cheats at WeMod are free to use. Including those in the Witch of Fern Island trainer.

You need to use the hotkeys to activate them.

Please use the search button rather than necromancing dead threads from years ago that were about a much older version of the software.