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Been trying to play Dying Light; the mods work perfectly, but my game constantly crashes and I have no idea why. Tried running WeMod as admin, and disabling my antivirus while playing. It also often takes me out of the game to ask how I like the app which is becoming more and more annoying- when I say take me out of the game I mean it doesn’t just tab me out, but it full-on closes my game.

Hmmm… The game didn’t have any recent updates which eliminates WeMod as being the root cause. Is your copy of WeMod up to date? It will prompt you to restart WeMod to update in the lower left once updates download.

The latest official version of WeMod is v6.2.13 and you can check by going here:


Then here:


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Everything is up to date! Another reason that I have no idea what’s going on :c

To be honest, that sounds like your game is crashing. Then WeMod, detecting the game is no longer active, asks you to rate the app. Rather than the game closing because of being asked for a rating.

Dying Light is quite well known for being crash-tastic. As in it crashes often for a lot of players whether they’re using WeMod or not.


Are you using Windows 10? The Dying Light devs have posted several times in various places that Dying Light is not 100% compatible with Windows 10. The game was released for 64-bit Windows 7/8/8.1, so try running the game under compatibility mode for Windows 7.

File Integrity Verification

Go to your Steam library and verify the integrity of the game files. This checks the files installed on your PC for the game for anything that might be corrupted or missing and fixes it.
This’ll explain how to do that, if you need: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335

Visual C++ & Framework

Another common cause of crashes in Dying Light is these being outdated, missing or corrupted:

  • MS Visual C++ (Link)
  • .NET Framework (Link)

The links above will direct you to the official Microsoft website where you can download those two. Restart your PC after doing so.


Another common fix some players who are playing the game on Windows 10 have reported is playing the game in Windowed mode. See if this changes anything for you.

Nvidia Control Panel

Finally, if you have a Nvidia GPU, some players have reported that restoring their 3D settings to their defaults in the Nvidia control panel resolved most (but not always all) crashes with the game.

Try each of these and see if any resolve the issue for you. Let us know if any do, so that hopefully anyone else with the issue can find the answer here too. :slight_smile:

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It seems like verifying the game cache just did the trick, howver I’ve only tried it once so there’s still time for it to crash again, but I think it’s fixed for the most part ^^


Ravenfyre is an amazing member and help around here! Glad they helped you fix your problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

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