Wemod crashes then wont start any games

so if i start a game via wemod the game starts up but then wemod crashes.
the game is still playable but no mods are loaded.
i close the game (farcry 5, kingdom come, car mechanic sim) and start we mod again i cant start any games.
the play button just does nothing!!
i restart the pc and then we can start any game again… but wemod crashes.

i do have bitdefender running but that hasnt blocked anything.

You are going to need to uninstall bitdefender. It has been causing all sorts of issues with WeMod over the past year and no matter how many times we contact them they can’t get it worked out.

oh ok thanks .

UPDATE! i found a fix with out uninstalling my beloved bitdefender!! simply turn off advanced threat defence under the protection pannel while gaming!!!

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Thanks for letting us know. Most people “disable” bitdefender and it doesn’t work so the only thing we can tell them is to uninstall it.

@Chris what about a whitelist? I dont have the option to just uninstall it as its required for me to be part of the network im in.

Sometimes it just isn’t enuf. You can try it but some anti viruses don’t like wemod even when whitelisted


i start game with WEMOD and wemod Crash and saying ITS Virus

It is a false positive. We are funded by our Pro members, we have zero reasons to distribute malware.

how can i start WEMOD Without gettin crash or virus?

You won’t get virus either way - but to avoid getting false-positive notification you’ll have to add wemod to exceptions in your av (or deactivate the av altogether while playing).


HOW TO add to exceptions ?

Depend on av you are using. Google is you friend :wink:
For Windows Defender: How to add an exception to Windows Defender - Microsoft Community


Please use the search tool on the forum. You’ll find your issue already solved elsewhere. Such as: Windows Defender marked WeMod as a Trojan - #2 by Ravenfyre.

i have added wemod in my virus program still get false virus thing

If your antivirus is still giving you a false positive, then you haven’t added WeMod as an exception correctly, or you are using more than one antivirus (which is generally not a good thing to do as they will conflict with each other).

i Only Have BIT

I’m assuming you mean BitDefender? One of the worst antiviruses you can possibly have? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend getting rid of BitDefender and using a different free antivirus. But if you want to keep using it, see here: How to white-list WeMod in BitDefender!.