WEmod CRAST hardware

thanks wemod team
i use your app be a longtime
all well before your new update
yes all well before this
after your update wemod app
I can’t play any game with your app. my antivirus will detect you like a virut. it ok.
I try to turn off my anitivirus, but it happen. my game crast, and my hdd disappear. i need to restart my computer for my HDD showup
It not cause of my game or my hardware cause if I did use your app, every thinks is ok
so problem is from your APP. all start from WeModAuxiLiary Service.exe, yes i try 3 game and all 3 games have same problem ( i have 3 HDD and yes all the same ) so plz check your WeMod AuxiLiaryService.exe it realy have some bad code, not just break my game. it break hdd too
and sorry for my bad English

Hi there,
Nothing has changed in that exe since WeMod 6. Even though your AV is “disabled” there is likely part of it that is still running. As you can see the checksum for both files is exactly the same which isn’t possible if it had changed

hi Chirs. can you share for me an link of old wemod.
i love your app

You can no longer download an older version of WeMod.