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WeMod Desktop App keeps on loading or doesn't show anything


So I just installed WeMod because I had to reinstall Windows on my computer and since then it has been impossible to get it to work. I have reinstalled it multiple times and the first time it launches after the install it gets stuck on the loading screen.

If someone knows how to deal with this issue I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


I’ve realized that if I quit WeMod and open it again it just shows nothing on any tab. Like this:


I’ve also tried the ctrl+shift+d and this is what it shows:


I would have to guess its your antivirus causing the problem


Ok, just deleted the folders in AppData and reinstalled WeMod with the antivirus disabled and no luck, same problem over again.


Ok, just fixed it. Apparently I just had to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable since apparently I didn’t have it installed (I guess because of the whole OS reinstall). Now it works perfectly fine. Leaving the solution here in case someone has the same problem. @ptondo thanks for the help anyway.


I appreciate you posting your solution, I’m glad you got it working! :slightly_smiling_face: