WeMod Desktop App V5.1.3 and OBS

Whenever OBS is used to try and add it as a scene its just a black screen. I followed several guides online for NVIDIA setup but it still shows a black scene when its added into OBS. If I have it just record the monitor where WeMod is then it shows just fine.

Windows 10 1803
GTX 1080 TI 416.34

OBS 21.1.0 (64 Bit)
- Using Window Capture causes a black scene in OBS.
- Tried changing the compatibility mode for OBS to Windows 7 and the issue persists.

Is this a known issue?

It is an issue caused by hardware acceleration and you really don’t want to use WeMod without it.

But if you do, start the app from the command line with --disable-gpu.

Does hardware acceleration help speed up WeMod and its mods?

Ah I see, when you turn off Hardware Acceleration it causes WeMod to “Lag”.

Well if anyone ever Googles why OBS cant see it heres the answer lol.

If you dont mind the slight lag and what not heres a batch script.

Create a new txt file.
Open it and paste this.

WeMod.exe --disable-gpu

Save it as a txt. Then replace the .txt with .bat you may need to set File Name extensions so you can see the .txt and successfully change it to a .bat. If you dont know how to do that I dont recommend creating the bat file.

Also thank you again guys for the info.

P.S. For those reading this later on WeMod will use a bit more ram and CPU if you turn off Hardware Acceleration.

I have an i7700k with 32GB of ram so it doesnt bother me also like I said the response time of the app has some lag which is expected because you turned off a key feature.

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