WeMod Developer

Hi, assuming someone wants to be a WeMod developer, how would it go in terms of?

  • Uploading/Setup new mods (that these appear in the app and in the Crowdin instance)
  • Testing mods
  • Updating mods

Also, how is the code base of the mods? It has been said that these will be written in C# and Assembly, but… Do have a code example?

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Hello and thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile:

I assume you’re interesting in being involved in trainer development. That’s awesome. :smiley:

Unfortunately, as WeMod is proprietary property, not open source, I’m not certain I can answer your bullet-pointed questions under the terms of our non-disclosure agreements.

However, yes, WeMod’s developers use C++ and Assembly to create the trainers - this information has been made public before.

If you’re interested in trainer development, have experience in C++ and Assembly, and have experience in creating trainers or similar software before, do feel free to send in your résumé and experience examples to WeMod’s contact email for consideration. No promises, but never hurts to try.
Your first test can be seeing if you can locate this email address yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: (Post back if you’re struggling though, of course :laughing:)

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So, I found some basic code here:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    cout<<"Hello World";

    return 0;

Yes, can i also use it in WeMod Cheats? And above all… how?

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Strings are automatically pushed to crowdin. Creators need to be experienced in assembly and reverse engineering. The majority of the c++ is very basic.

As of now, there is no way for the public to upload mods. We don’t have any code examples, but if you are experienced with CE, AOB, and scripting, it would be quick to figure out.


Well, what I’m also wondering is, once I’ve developed mods, how do I test them? Since I can’t upload them to WeMod

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Cheat engine

WeMod and CE both work the same way


You mean WeMod also works with the addresses the games in the RAM?

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Yes, both modify instructions or values in RAM.


And what about the buttons?

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The creators just specify which type of control it needs to be then WeMod generates the code for it. WeMod is done in electron so it is just html/ccs/js


Understand if I want to start CE, how do I find the addresses for the respective values? The addresses are always changing…

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You either need to trace it back to a static address or learn how to AOB scans work. I would start here


If you want to learn a bit. Try doing the tutorial. It will find the easy stuff on most games. Don’t forget to write down the 6 digit code if you want to continue learning.

For me i came to the tutorial with the pointers. There’s where i got stuck.

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Well, how do AOB scans work? Or tracing back to static address?

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Like i said, i’m not at that part of the tutorial. Stuck on the pointers, because for me that’s the hardest part. Sometimes in bad luck you need to go back and attach more and more pointers to addresses.

The entire tutorial is only about installing and setting up CE!

Nope, it’s not about installing and setting up…

Open up Cheat Engine. Go to the tab of “Help” Click on “Cheat Engine Tutorial”
There you will start to learn a few of the basics, it isn’t that hard but let’s you figure out on what to do on most of the games.

@Chris @ModestDuck42

So, I now have a value with address 2A43EA0E56C… How do I know if it’s a static value?

If you restart the game and it is the same, then it is static. I think CE also marks static addresses in green.