WeMod: Do you use it with Steam, Origin, and/or Epic games?

I’m curious to see how often the different launchers are used alongside WeMod. I usually use WeMod with Steam games but I do have some Origin exclusives that WeMod assists with. I don’t use Epic but I’m curious to see if there’s a significant number of Epic WeMod users (since you can vote for Epic games). I’d appreciate the community’s votes.

When you use WeMod, where do you launch games from? Mark all that apply.

  • Steam
  • Epic
  • Origin

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Steam and Epic mostly, for me. :slight_smile:

A very interesting poll. You forgot some launchers, though:

  • Uplay
  • Uplay+
  • Rockstar Launcher
  • Bethesda Launcher
  • Windows Store / Xbox Gamepass

And he forgot GoG Galaxy (granted, that’s not very popular, but still noteworthy, especially with the upcoming Cyberpunk game that everyone seems excited about).
Personally would have chosen Steam, Bethesda and Windows.


@Ravenfyre - Wow good points! I usually only think of those three but there are a lot more launchers than what I posted :woman_facepalming:t2: (even I use Uplay for AC/Far Cry). I’d edit it if I could (polls can’t be edited after 5 minutes), but I may just make another discussion post in the future. It’d be interesting to see who uses the launchers that I don’t personally consider a ‘main’ launcher. Thanks for your reply!

@TheCrimsonGhost - Excellent point! I’m in my own little world over here and I missed quite a few launchers but it’s still interesting to hear what other people use, thanks for your insight! :grin: :+1:


Personally, 97% of the games I regularly play are on Steam. I cannot stand Epic, and Origin is next to useless unless you’re a fan of the sports games or Sims. and Sims is available on Steam now. Blizzard is another Launcher (OW, the new CoDs, and some stuff from Bungie), plus there’s the small time launchers that have next to no fan base but very dedicated devs.

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I use we mod on my Magnavox Odyssey

I use Origin for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series and DLCs. These are my favorite game series, probably of all time. :woman_astronaut:t2: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dragon:
I play the Sims on Steam, I really dislike Origin and all of its glitchiness. If I didn’t love ME and DA so much, I wouldn’t touch it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Definitely Steam, not thrilled with other platforms.