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WeMod Forum Dark Theme v3 (UPDATED)


Got it, I can deal with a few aesthetic issues for the sake of my eyes at night.

I like the little title you’ve put in for yourself! And the staff.


I can deal with this dark theme a lot better. The white was just to bright on my 32 inch monitor. Practically blinded from it.


Hey Hova, you mind if I use this as a template to make different skins?


Maybe I’ll add a link on the site to enable the dark theme?


That’d be awesome :smiley:


Props to this guy. Someone get him a beer.



I don’t mind. Check the link for the css.


By the way I don’t think Stylish auto updates so if you’re seeing anything weird make sure that you’re on the most recent version of it.


Seems usefull


Looking very good. I like the black.


Nice thing, problem with installing


What browser do you use?


I like the dark look.


@Hova Text have same color as background


Thanks, just updated it now. Check the stylish link above to update to newest version.


@Hova Something similar happands with the other buttons on my profile



Could you also change this

Into this

Edit: Same with the other buttons :wink:

Just a little tweak but i feel it looks better this way, what do you think?


Sorry there wasn’t any more updates but I’ve been extremely busy with work for the last month so I wasn’t able to do much of anything else. Tonight I’ll update the css for any and all changes that were made to the site.

If anybody has any issues now let me know.



Its not that important, but when you are all scrolled down you can bearly see the up/down button depending on your all the way on the top or bottom.

So what i like to see its that it change to something like this, feel it look more smooth like that.
Plus it dont hurt your eyes when that white box appear :smiley:

What do you think?