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WeMod Forum Dark Theme v3 (UPDATED)


Same on my end @Hova


I think this is due to a Discourse update, not the new WeMod website.


Yeah it is, the problem started after Discourse got their new update.
Still though, we need @Hova expertise to fix it :slight_smile:


either way something messed some stuff up


I’ll have a look at it soon, dunno how many changes I need to make but it should be back to normal Friday.


I like the software nice and quick download, just like it should be.


looks good :slight_smile: a nice improvment






good one


I love this theme so much, because every time I use it, it lessens the strain on my eyes. Especially at night.


Not Bad! Good Job on the dark theme!


I’m always using Dark theme so thnx for this WeMod!


love the dark theme


Thank you! I use an HDTV as my monitor and the light emitting from it is unforgiving.


The add-on this uses steals your browser history.

I have removed the links to the add-on and I highly recommend anyone using this add-on to remove it from their browser. Just to elaborate, this has NOTHING to do with what Hova has done. He made a theme that this particular add-on uses to change the looks of the page. The add-on developer had malicious intentions.

I would recommend that @Hova use something like Stylus instead if you want to continue using a dark theme.


i personally have no issues with stylish as ive used it for many years, also if mozilla thinks they can legally access our computers browsers to remove it locally they got another thing coming cause the smart ones know how to block direct update access from the browsers developers servers lol they can disable it all they want in their store but they cant do so to our browsers locally :wink: i plan on continue using it forever, i personally havent updated mozilla in like a year or 2 simply cause newer versions not compatible with the extensions i use anymore


Did you read the article? Or anything I wrote?
The add-on was removed from the stores of Chrome and Firefox because it was stealing information that people were not giving them consent to use. Pretty scummy practice from the dev.
Removing it from the store does not remove it from your browser and they never said they would/could, that’s why I suggested people remove the add-on themselves.

If you don’t mind more companies taking your information without your consent, more power to you. I thought most people would care, so I shared the info.

EDIT: To continue on the tangent about what Mozilla can “legally” do as you say, just for informational purposes they absolutely have every right legally to choose how you use their intellectual property. It’s in the terms nobody reads when you install it.


i get alot of people would be concerned by this, i personally am not, since i havent updated stylish in a very long time to the newest versions that have that new logging code, i dont update extensions or my browsers especially when most updates to most things are uneeded

but they did mention in the article of removing/disabling it from users browsers
“The Stylish Firefox add-on page has been removed, while Mozilla plans to disable the extension in users’ browsers and show a message explaining its decision.”

tho by all means if people dont like stylish doing that breach in privacy and have the new versions with the logging code in it then yes they should probably remove it but if they have the old versions still like me that doesnt have the logging code in it yet then they are fine keeping it :smile:


I am still using it as well :blush: I figured any tracking and damage it could do would be done by now already, why stop. Besides, wouldn’t be the first company.

I am too lazy to find another plugin, will do it later.