Wemod hot key

so i accidentally changed the hotkey for a important mod and when i changed it back it still says apply and wont let me use it any solutions?

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  1. Click on the hotkey combination on the right.
    Not the button on the middle-left.

  2. Press the Backspace key.

This reverts it back to the default.

i did that and its still saying apply

It’s probably supposed to. In the context of “apply this cheat by pressing this hotkey”.

Could you share a screenshot so we can see what you see?

do some games require you to get pro to use certain mods on them


  • Using the hotkeys is free for everyone.
  • Using the buttons, remote app, or in-game overlay requires Pro.

:link: Using Mods with Hotkeys
:link: What is Pro?

You are trying to use the pro feature.

Use the hotkey to the right.

how do i use the one the the right when i click on it it does the thing where i can change it

You need to press the keys on your keyboard

i did but it doesnt do anything or activate

Make sure you have num lock enabled