Wemod is terrible

this is ■■■■■■■ app not working loading the cheats etc. I tried everything to make this ■■■■ work,but nothing,You would at least try to make everything work, but you didn’t try and ■■■■ yourself, people find something other than this

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Sorry to tell you that your wrong, Maybe if you would tell someone what’s not working or what the issue is instead of coming on the fourms and cussing like a mad lad that knows no common sense someone would help you.

So instead of telling people “WeMod is Sh*t” Try explaining what isn’t working first buddy and people will gladly help you

Another thing your not a pro member like myself so i’m not sure if you even have access to their cheats, The Devs work very hard to keep everything updated and working well @MrAntiFun makes most of our amazing cheats and the man works his tail off to keep the updated as soon as their requested. So again tell someone what isn’t working and someone will help.


Hello there. :slight_smile:

Instead of behaving like a child having a tantrum, take the time to explain exactly what the issue you’re having is.

  • What game are you trying to use WeMod with?
  • Where did you buy that game from? Or is it cracked?
  • What error message are you getting?
  • What happens when you try to use the trainers?
  • Are you attempting to use the trainer online?

We have millions of active users right now. If this was a problem for everyone then the forum here would be getting dozens of similar reports every hour. But it isn’t.

I’m going to invite you to explain your issue properly and respectfully. I don’t like restricting people’s ability to speak out as I believe everyone has the right to. But if you’re just going to have childish tantrums rather than contribute to discussions in a mature manner then that is exactly what is going to happen.


who sh it in your cornflakes?

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Good tool to use, lots of fun.
I’m really enjoying the overlay from the Microsoft store that adds it with the Xbox game screen on my pc!
I use an Xbox controller on my laptop and just hit the xbox button and it brings wemod up, very cool.

You need to understand that WeMod is still under-works. WeMod doesn’t improve when people are blatantly complaining about the bad and not adding constructive criticism - telling us what is wrong and how we could improve. WeMod is a lot of fun and to be honest, it does have its’ issues but we work together to improve. Sorry you’ve not enjoyed WeMod as supposed you imagined to.

Maybe reply to this and tell us how we could improve because maybe we could help.

Take Raven’s advice. It’ll definitely help you and us all at the same time.