WeMod Needs a Grand Theft Auto 3 Trainer

I want the gta 3 trainer to have unlimited health, ammo, vehicle health and finally money.

Please can you make this possible because nobody is voting for gta 3 to have a trainer

We will only make trainers if the wider community is interested in having that trainer, otherwise it’ll be a waste of the trainer developer’s time which is better spent on trainers and updates that the majority of the community actually want.

GTA 3 is 19 years old (it was released in 2001) the majority of the player base has now moved on. Feel old now, don’t you? :laughing:

Besides, GTA 3 is one of the few modern PC games that still have built-in cheat codes.

I’m not old I’m 12 but anyway the cheat codes suck and there is still a trainer for GTA Vice City and that came out in 2002

I disagree, GTA3 (and Vice City) is well known and very recognised for having some of the best cheat codes known to gamers, but considering your age you probably don’t have as much experience as we “seasoned” gamers do with in-game cheat codes.
The trainer would likely have similar cheats to the in-game cheats. As I said, GTA 3 is one of the last good games that had usable readily-available in-game cheats that you didn’t have to “earn” through in-game challenges to unlock. The popularity of trainers skyrocketed when game developers stopped putting good in-game cheats in their games that didn’t have to be “unlocked” by the player through playing without any.

GTA: Vice City was a far more popular game than GTA3. The community voted for a trainer, that’s why it has one. It’s not WeMod’s fault that GTA3 isn’t as popular with gamers. :slight_smile:

You realise you’re breaking the law by playing GTA? Lol :stuck_out_tongue: