Wemod not closing down

Hey Guys and Gals,

I’ve noticed recently when I close the wemod window and leave it running in the background taskbar for a while, I can’t:
A) reopen the window by double-clicking the taskbar icon.
B) close wemod from the taskbar by right click → exit
C) the only way to kill wemod at this point is via task manager

this happens on both my laptop and my desktop PCs

Hello! :slight_smile:

Do you use more than one monitor? It’s possible WeMod is getting stuck off-screen.
In case this is the cause, select WeMod from the task bar so that it should be open, then hold Win+Shift and press the left or right arrow. This will move the window into view if it is hidden or stuck between monitors.

If you recently removed a monitor, make sure you go to your control panel settings to check that the PC doesn’t think the removed monitor is still connected. If it does, you can remove it from those control panel settings.

Another thing you can try is, while holding the shift key, right-click the program’s icon on the task bar, then a “maximise” option should appear. Click that.