WeMod not recognise SteamLibrary

WeMod does not recognize my library of Steam, the library is in a diferendeal disk of installation of Steam and WeMod.
I used to list them but now I can not find them.

All STEAM games can be found under the “steamapps/common” folder. The LIBRARY cannot be different from the path/location, where STEAM has been installed.

On which Hard DRIVE/SSD have you installed STEAM ?

Are you using any kind of DUAL-BOOT operating system/OS rig ? Try to restart your OS. I presume you have installed INFINITY on your main OS ?

Try to manually direct the INFINITY tool to detect the Game folders, where steam has been installed.

Click on the FIND GAME button, to manually select the game’s folder. This should automatically open the PICK FOLDER pop-up box and window, and from there you can select the game.

If it says, “START GAME”, then Infinity has already detected the game folder. When the icon says “End Game”, this means the trainer has been activated.

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You actually can install steam and the games in different locations. I have steam on my C drive but all my games installed to a separate SSD. Regardless that shouldn’t cause Infinity to not find the games.

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It’s strange, restart the computer a couple of times and now if you find me.
I have a raid 0 with 3x 256gb m2 and one of 1 tb, the system and the app are installed in raid 0, games in a new library on the disk of 1 tb.
Dual boot with Archlinux and Windows 10 Pro.

Demomento everything is working again.
Thank you very much.

Thanks for this info. I was actually under the impression that we can only install GAMES, where the main base STEAM files are located and installed (.dll, .exe).

I never tried changing the paths though. Just found a somewhat related article as well.

Hey I wanted to use the trainer for fallout 1 and I have it on steam and it works but when I try to put it into Infinity it sais it is not a valid installation so what do I do?

Select the root game folder?