Wemod Not Working

Every time I try to load Total War: Rome 2 through Wemod it starts the game up completely fine. The problem is the play button on wemod continues loading as if it still waiting for the game to start. Upon closing the game to retry i get a message to reinstall wemod which i did plenty of times. Even turning off my firewall and antivirus didn’t work. Wemod works completely fine on other games except Total War: Rome 2 with a compatible trainer. Please help.

I just tried it and didn’t have any issues. Try launching the game from Steam and once it has loaded alt-tab and click play in WeMod. If that doesn’t work can you please post a log by following the instructions here: https://support.wemod.com/article/106-how-to-save-log-file

You can DM it to me if you aren’t comfortable with it being public.

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Thank you so much for the respond, I figured out the issue on my own with the log. Apparently i had a second Anti virus that i didn’t see and uninstalled it now the program is working perfectly fine.

Oof, two antiviruses? That must’ve been eating up your system resources quite a bit, other than causing this issue for you.

Glad that you got it figured out and can now use WeMod.
Have fun and always feel free to drop by the community here. :slight_smile:

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