WeMod Offline Mode

Hi, I’m trying to use WeMod offline since I have no more wifi, but I have to login everytime with my hotspot in the start just to use the mods then I can turn off the hotspot. But now I dont have hotspot data to use the mods. Is there another way to use the mods without logging in at the start and without internet?

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Usually it will only show the games or trainers you have used in the past
So should work if you have used the trainer at least once

But it keeps on telling me to sign in. I don’t know what to do exactly without internet.


It sounds like you are on still on WeMod 5. Offline functionality wasn’t added until WeMod 6.

How do you check which WeMod I have.

It is in the settings.

It says Version 6.0 5 and I had to leave my comp on sleep mode so I dont lose my Wemod or else I would have to sign in but that is the problem.

Are you being logged out every time you close WeMod?

Whenever I have no internet.

I have no idea then because I just tested it and had no issues.


Turn off the wifi then restart your comp and it will tell you to sign in. If not then well I might reinstall it next time if ha e wifi…

I did that and had no issues with it. I was signed in when I opened WeMod and then I tested ARK.

Dammit, so I guess I will have to reinstall WeMod. Thank you for the help! Much appreciated.

Install wemod, run all my games online, turn my wifi off, run again in offline mode = works great. Now try turning off your PC, run wemod, all hell breaks lose. The launcher wont even finish launching just stuck in there.

Please fix the offline mode, it doesn’t work after turning off my PC. And I have launched all the games in online and offline mode already. Wemod just keeps launch loading.

I think offline mode doesn’t work after 24 hours. I installed wemod so many times already, run all the trainers and games online. Then I turn wifi off, test the trainers offline, and it works great. Now wait til the next morning, turn my pc on, start wemod. Boom! It is always get stuck in loading, your game, your rules. Trainers are used in single player games, single player games can be played offline without paying extra for the internet. Now I cant do that when wemod doesnt work offline can I? Everything went bad after the update that introduces login accounts.

Offline mode seems to have an offline cache reset after your PC is turned off then on again. If you don’t mind the extra nickels and dimes on your electric bill, I’d recommend leaving your PC on 24/7 and doing a restart once a week.

Well that sucks, I hope wemod team fix this problem. It is the only reason that’s keeping me from upgrading to pro version.

May I ask why you require WeMod to be used in offline mode? You can use it online for all the games it supports…