Wemod optimization guide

Hey guys, my pc specs are 4gb ddr2 ram, nvidia gt 710 2gb gddr3 gpu core 2 duo e7500 processor, i downloaded wemod only to play metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain, this game needs minimum 4gb ram to run and i have exactly 4gb ram, i want to say that when i run metal gear solid 5 without wemod then it runs fine but after using wemod, it lag a bit, i checked task bar and i found that wemod uses nearly 200 mb ram which is quite high because mgs 5 tpp also needs 4gb ram and i have only 4gb ram ths mgs 5 cannot get full ram so it has little lag, so i just wanted to know if there is any way that i can use cheats without even opening wemod or please optimize it.

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4GB of RAM, these days, is mostly considered to be on the low-end of PC gaming. And I feel your pain. I’m not an expert in building or modding PCs, but my suggestion would be to replace your RAM for something better (possibly 8GB minimum). Maybe @ptondo or @Chris can suggest/recommend something here.

Another thing I can suggest is lowering the game’s graphic settings so that it may use slightly less of your PCs resources.

Otherwise, there is a list of some awesome low-RAM games here, including some that may surprise you: A list of games for your low-spec potato computer.

Well, its my secondary pc, i already have a high end with 16gb ram, gtx 1650 super, ryzen 5 1600 but it belongs to my big brother he dont let me use it, so i have a personal low end pc ( i will upgrade it later) So i wanted to ask that is there any way to permanently save the wemod cheats in the game so that when i start game, cheat would be already on and i would not need to open wemod? also i am playing on lowest settings.

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No, that would not be possible. Trainers work by injecting cheats into memory addresses that the game is using in your PC’s RAM. For this to happen, the trainer needs to be running alongside the game. This injection needs to be done every single time you launch the game and needs to remain injected for the duration of the game session.

is there any possiblity that the cheats would be permanently injected? i dont play it online, i only play offline mode.

No. As soon as you stop the game, the memory addresses that the cheats inject into are no longer available.

Is there any other alternative of cheats for metal gear solid 5 tpp which are not as heavy as wemod? If possible, make wemod lighter on ram in next updates. I just want the cheat to be injected permanantly.

As a WeMod staff member, I definitely can’t mention any other rival services.
That would be like a Pepsi employee telling everyone to buy Coke. :laughing:

You’re likely to experience the exact same thing with other trainer services. If the game uses exactly all of your 4gb of RAM, even a trainer that uses a very small amount of that RAM will still cause issues for you, because the entire 4gb is taken by the game.

The two best solutions are:

I just want the cheat to be injected permanantly. Is there any way, for example, as we can set particular settings for a game with nvidia inspector and save those settings forever, can wemod do like that?