WeMod Overlay Not working!

Tried the following.
Fresh install Wemod overlay App.
Fresh Install Xbox game bar app.

Press play to launch the game “Horizon Zero Dawn”.
Cheats work by using shortcut keys or minimizing game then selecting slider with mouse cursor.

WIN+G brings up the overlay, BUT it’s blank with the message
“To access your cheats, in this overlay, launch your game from the wemod app.”
This I have already done.

Need help please.



Please make sure that WeMod and the overlay app are both added as exceptions in your antifpvirus program, even if it’s just the default Windows Defender.

Then try launching the game first. Wait on the main menu for five minutes then alt+tab to WeMod to press Play, and see if this changes anything.

Otherwise, our lead developer, @frank, asked you for more information in the last thread you posted in a few months ago, but got no response. This is what he asked for:

Sorry, I thought it was directed at the original poster. It does NOT crash when you open the overlay.
You cannot change any value in the overlay. As the overlay does NOT load the options.

I will try your suggestions and get back to you, thanks.
P.s Running Windows 10 Pro 21H1

UPDATE: added as exceptions for wemod.exe and wemod overlay in both windows Defender and my malwarebytes programs, including disabled Malwarebytes.

Launched on game menu for 5 mins, then pressed play on Wemod.
Overlay still not showing cheats.

Have you tried restarting the overlay after starting the game? You can do this by just closing the widget and opening it again.

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Hi, This didn’t affect it. Tried resetting app as well.


@LoneWolf2572 After a game is running and you have closed/reopened the overlay widget in Game Bar, can you please press Ctrl + Shift + L in WeMod and send me the resulting file? Thank you!

Has then been resolved, I have the same issue

It was resolved in that case, but we are still working on fixing some other bits. Keeping the overlay pinned is a temporary solution. It is an issue with Windows suspending the overlay and it having to reconnect each time Game Bar is opened.