Wemod overlay still starting up even after uninstall

so playing fallout 76, the we mod overlay kept crashing the game cause of the anticheat software. ok thats fine, but even after closing the app entirely and even having to go into the taskmanager to endtask the overlay, it still kept booting up on it’s own every 15 minutes ish. so finally said eff it, and uninstalled wemod entirely. but now even with wemod completely uninstalled, the overlay is STILL booting up on its own and crashing the game. I hope there is a fix cause this seems like spyware or phishing software actions and I’m about to report this app

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Hi there.

The WeMod Overlay is installed separately from the WeMod app. The WeMod overlay is installed from the Microsoft Store on your computer.

If you wish to stop Fallout 76 from crashing, you need to close the WeMod Overlay from the widgets section in the Xbox Game Bar, not from Task Manager. Either that, or you need to uninstall the WeMod Overlay from the Apps section of the Windows settings.

Hope this helps! Let us know if the issue is still occurring even after closing the WeMod Overlay widget.

Are you kidding? There is no function to delete wemod overlay!!

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You can uninstall it from the add/remove programs in Windows or from the widget bar directly.