Wemod pretending to be Microsoft teams

I need to install microsoft teams and Wemod is constantly pretending to be Microsoft team and highjacks the installation process to install itself. even after deleting all files I could find it kept going.

any way to get rid of this routine?

What do you mean WeMod is pretending to be MS Teams? I just installed Teams without any issue. The only thing I can recommend is try restarting your computer.

Same problem here, i tried restarting my pc but it changes nothing, wemod is now called “Microsoft Teams” and whenever i try to uninstall it nothing happens. I also tried deleting every wemod file that i could find but nothing changed, microsoft teams won’t install and instead wemod reappears

Try deleting all of the files here %LocalAppData%\SquirrelTemp\

The only thing the two applications have in common is that they both are using electron.

Thanks, it worked!