WeMod Pro Question

I see that you guys added IDEAL as a payment method now I can finally buy the Pro version but does becoming a Pro remove the lime limit on free accounts?

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Hi there. Yes, purchasing a Pro subscription removes the time limit from your account so long as you have the Pro subscription active :slight_smile:

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thats awesome news that we finally can pay with IDEAL thank god:D is this per month manual pay or for a whole year x couple of monts?, also i have my acount way befor the timed free play so i dont need it really but i always wanted to try out pro, if i try it and stop paying for it do i still have the benefid to play free without the panalty or do i lose it?

Thank you for your interest in our PRO subscription! We offer both monthly and annual plans to suit your needs.

If you’re using an account created on or after February 11, 2024, and your subscription has expired, the time limit will show again. Could you kindly confirm if you recall the email address linked to your previous account? If so, please reach out to our dedicated support team at support@wemod.com, and they’ll assist you in checking or recovering your account :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks, this is my main account created Feb 16, 2023, so thats why i ask if i try out the pro version and i stop paying i wont lose it