WeMod secretly running even after uninstallation?

I already uninstalled WeMod, and sometimes when I click expand the taskbar, WeMod showed up for a split second then immediately dissappears. Is there something I should know?
I uninstalled via control panel and shouldn’t the program be completely removed?

If you’re referring to the system tray, Windows has always had a bug with showing icons after a program exits abnormally. It usually disappears after hovering over the icon.

Check task manager and you will see that WeMod isn’t running.

Frank is correct. It is a Windows issue that has been around for, at an educated guess, well over two decades. I see this with other softwares after they were force-closed or crashed. Including Discord and Slack, to name two.

I think the key word there is “sometimes”, which indicates that it is happening multiple times.
Yes, it can happen once, if the app was running, but closed by task manager or uninstalled, but after uninstall it should not do it again.

That is correct. If the program was uninstalled, it would be impossible to show up more than once.