Wemod self open and crash on pc start up

More often than not, when I wake up, or power on my computer Wemod will display in this manor.
It doesnt do this if it was running already when I wake it up, or if it has been shut down for a while.
in this state of opening on startup (which it is set not to do) it does not respond, and only closes via the task manager. Fairy tail wasnt even the last trainer ran before i got this screen.

Hello there. :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility that either:

  1. Someone used your PC while you were asleep.
  2. Your PC is being remotely controlled by someone else.
  3. You’re sleep-gaming (like sleep-walking, but gaming instead of wandering around the house).

I’m asking because the screenshot shows that WeMod is injected into the game (the Play button says “Playing”). There is no way that WeMod will be able to open itself and then inject itself into a game on your PC. It has to have been done by someone using your PC, either physically or remotely.

Maybe leave your PC on one night with a motion-sensor webcam recording your room/screen.

At the time of the screenshot the program was non responsive, and not displaying correctly. It is fill screen, but small and has black borders on 2 sides. I know is looks like it is running but it is not.

This is happening more often now. It is showing as “Playing” for a game i dont have, it changes what game it displays each time it does this. it still doesnt respond or close when it happens. the only changes since April are; It happens more often. nearly every time i wake the PC up from sleep mode i find it up when i havent even used it for a few months, and the black area is gone it is truly full screen now.