Wemod Setup failure

So i was using wemod on my pc then because of some things i needed to reset my pc and now i can’t install it but i can use the offline version but i can’t start the app again i need to download again so if anyone know how to fix pls help

Welcome to the community @Loyyde-Garmadon. :slight_smile:

If you have Windows 7, please install .NET Framework 4.5.0 or higher (preferably higher). This is required for WeMod to install and it does not come with Windows 7 computers by default, so has to be downloaded manually from the official Microsoft website.

If you do not have Windows 7 or the issue still persists, then an antivirus program is interfering with the installation. This post should help with that: Can’t Install WeMod.

Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

i have windows 10 and it says that i have it

Don’t forget the other half of the post. :slight_smile: