Wemod still not finding Elden Ring on my computer

I read the answer posted last month and it did not help. Wemod has been updated and I have played the game for many hours without it. I start the game and press Alt-Tab which minimizes the game and press “Play” on Wemod and I get the error message. The little txt file has been added to the game directory. Now what? My PC has Win 10.

Did you purchase the game from Steam?

Yes, I bought it from Steam and that is also how I start it, from the Steam app.

This should not be relevant, but just in case. The C: drive in my computer is a solid state M.2 drive. I can move the game to a conventional HD but that should not be an issue.

Can you post a screenshot of the folder with the bypass performed?

I do not have your manual bypass because the link you provided to the webpage says it is expired. What my screen looks like is the screenshot I saw on another post saying the same thing. It is your program with the message saying it cannot find the game on top of it.

What link? The bypass instructions are in the trainer notes and does not have a download.

I must be getting blind in my old age (I am 76) but I can’t find any trainer notes. I click on the magnifying glass and get a very long list of games. There is a search box at the top but putting “bypass” in there gets nothing. What am I missing?

The trainer notes are located under the play button in the info section. The bypass is appid text file which I believe you did. Make sure you start the game directly from the eldenring exe in the folder and not through Steam.

This is what I just tried. I verified that the txt file was in game directory. I then clicked on the .exe file in that directory. The game came back and told me “Inappropriate activity detected. Unable to start in online mode.” Then it told me “Starting in offline mode. To use network features, check to see if your connection is set up properly, and select “LOG IN” from title menu.” The game did play with Wemod active and I could use the trainer. Will this be normal and will it cause me any difficulty with the game company?

Yes, this is normal. Since the anti-cheat is disabled the game will always show this error when starting it. You shouldn’t have any troubles unless you attempt to take a modified character online at which point you will likely be soft banned.

Thanks. I will try this for a couple days to see if I run into any problems, if all works like my short playtest just did then you will have another paying supporter. If I do want to go online, I will do so with a new character.