Wemod stuck on infinite loading for all games, no matter how they are launched

So whenever i use wemod on a game, pressing play starts the loading button animation, and it stays there indefinitely, clicking away from the wemod window freezes the button animation, games launched from wemod never launch.

ive tried reinstalling, etc.

just a heads up, im running a debloated version of windows 10, which may be causing the problem, but i dont know for sure.

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The animation stops when WeMod is not in focus to fix an issue with high GPU usage but that does not stop the loading process.

well how bout that. :V

either way the cheats/games never load :smiling_face_with_tear:

Which specific games are you having issues with?

And which store did you buy them/get them free from?

Note that WeMod does not make trainers to work with cracked/pirated games. Nor online game modes, including co-op.

specifically, elden ring and scarlet nexus, both on steam.

Sorry, I thought your issue was with the loading animation.

Do you receive an error when trying to load those games?

no, afaik no error is displayed.

What games and platforms (steam, epic, etc.) have you tried?

as of yet ive tried only steam, and only elden ring, and scarlet nexus.

i can try others i suppose.

I have the same issue with Steam version of Elden Ring Wemod is stuck on trainer loading. I followed the instructions in the “Read Before playing” but like OP still unable to use it

Same issue here as well. I searched the forums for a fix to no avail. Trying it with Mount and Blade 2 and it just sits there on “Loading Mods…” with no errors or anything. It does this for a number of games and has been for months.

I see I’m not the only one with the same problem.
In my case it happens to me with Kenshi and NieR: Automata and with the rest of the games I’ve tried Wemod stays frozen in the “Loading Mods…” loop after pressing Play
All the games with which I have a problem are bought on Steam, and I also looked in other forum posts for a solution but nothing
I tried reinstalling, creating exceptions and down the antivirus to see if that was the problem, but no progress with that either…

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