WeMod trainers disabling

Maybe it’s just the games I have, maybe it’s not. For some reason, every game I use trainers for opens up, the “Playing” game button pops up, and I think that everything’s fine. Nope. After using my keybinds to quickly enable some of the cheats I like to use, after a period of 1-10 seconds will just disable themselves. The cheat won’t work, so I go check up on it with Alt+Tab, the cheats say “On”, and then afterwards just automatically turn to off. Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated. Been playing on my ps4 for the past week because of this… Anyone know why this is happening??

Could be a couple things :
Antivirus !!
Games are not from steam most trainers are made for steam
Those 2 reasons are usually why
And being you said most all games leaning towards antivirus !

Thank you! I’ll see if that works.

And also some antivirus are pretty aggressive towards the trainers
Whitelisting is not enuf sometimes even
Need to disable , delete , get rid of !

Which games?

The only games I’ve had trouble with were Subnautica and Trailer Park Boys, but it also might be because I’m playing on one potato of a PC… The Forest, Mount and Blade, and a few others were working perfectly, just not these two.

They are unity games which means data is loaded when you do something related to the cheat first. i.e get hit first before enabling health etc.

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sorry was away off my pc for few days

i tried that, like spending money then enabling because i saw someone else’s post on this, but it still kept disabling. im gonna try it in a minute and ill tell you if that works

How do you check anivirus?/did it work