WeMod using >70% of CPU and causing temperatures to go over 80C

I noticed that my computer was overheating and was not exactly sure the cause. After opening Task Manager I noticed that WeMod is using upwards of 80% of the CPU processing power

I also noticed that my CPU temp skyrockets

Screenshot 2024-02-11 193812

After stopping WeMod my temperature immediately drops back to mid 55C

Screenshot 2024-02-11 193958

This is all without even playing a game. Just having WeMod run in the background

Are you using the command line arguments to force CPU usage instead of GPU? I’m on a similar CPU and don’t experience that.

I don’t believe so.

Where would I go to look for this?

You would know as you have to run it from a command link to do that. Do you have a discrete GPU? WeMod uses hardware acceleration so it should be doing almost all of the processing on the GPU, not the CPU.

Yes I have a 3070.

Just to make sure, your monitor is plugged into your GPU and not your motherboard, correct?