WeMod using an insane amount of data?

Hello. I checked my data usage for my computer today and was shocked to discover that WeMod comes in 3rd place for highest usage. In the last 30 days WeMod has used nearly 11 GB of data! What on earth could it be doing to use that much. That’s almost 20MB an HOUR if continuous use. Is there anything I can do to stop that?


Are you leaving WeMod open when you aren’t using it? The only reason I could see that amount of data being used is from ads.

Well I certainly won’t be now, and that much data from ads is shameful. I’m fine with ads existing to support the product but using as much data as a streaming service is not okay. Geez

Most streaming services are using 3-12GB/hour. Some of that data in the last 30 days will also include updates to the app, downloading trainers, artwork, etc. But thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it along to make sure we are doing everything we can to reduce bandwidth usage.