WeMod -VS- Cheat Engine: Which Is Better?


  • Pros
    • All trainers are free
    • Easy-to-find list of games
    • Allows a single hotkey to activate multiple cheats at once
    • “Favorite” button
    • You can either start the game with the cheats or activate the trainer after launch
    • You can bookmark posts
  • Cons
    • WeMod Pro is a bit lacking
      • Different cosmetics for the client
      • Ability to control cheats from your phone
      • “Save Cheats” button which automatically applies the last cheats you save
      • You get 1 “boost” every month which you can use on games to bump them up in the queue
      • Discord Role
      • Priority Support
      • $8/month for a membership that’s a bit lacking
    • You can’t make requests for new trainers

Cheat Engine

  • Pros
    • All trainers/cheat tables are free
    • Easy-to-find list of games
    • Semi-available “Favorite” button (Add a special folder)
    • Tend to have more cheats than WeMod’s trainers
    • You can pay money to prioritize your requests
    • You can bookmark your posts
    • You can either choose a trainer, which executes on it’s own, or a table, which require Cheat Engine to be executed and store cheat engine data
  • Cons
    • You have to unfocus your game to edit cheats, not a problem if you can pause
    • You have to manually download the trainers into a folder and select the process

Just a few corrections, Pro members get 25 boosts per month and everyone can request new trainers. Pro members also get exclusive giveaways (we gave away over $5k last winter), they get access to the overlay, and they get a few other perks.

Not to seems argumentative, but we always get told we “cannot make trainer requests on the forums”. So I’m not certain that part is true.

That is true, on the forums you cannot make requests.

im confused. you’re listing extra features that are great and cheatengine doesnt have as cons?

The way you’re putting it makes it sound like there IS a place to make trainer requests, I never saw anything though

Simple WeMod>All other programs.