Wemod wont install

when i try to install wemod it says instantly download failed. i found in an other thread the version 6.5.2 as .exe, but with this i have an infinit loading screen. can someone help me please ?

Can try to end all in task manager. Could be an antivirus issue what is your antivirus?
Can try this one


its not the anti virus, i disabled everything, and i have only one task in the task manager

and that exe doesnt load ether, still infinity loading

End it in the tray bottom right corner. Restart PC then see what happens.
What antivirus do you have anyhow ?

Same thing is happening to me. I uninstalled it to get GR: Wildlands to work, but now it won’t download. It says there is an error in the setup log. I had no problem with it yesterday, so I don’t know what’s going on.


Should be good to go Frank just pushed an update 30 minutes ago

problem still there, and i have only the windows defender


Have you tried installing from the direct link after the update?


Yes I sent him that ptondo !
Up above

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Im having the same problem, i have no antivirus and my firewall is disable, im gettin error 403 on the console when executing the program-

thanks frank, this client realy works

but what do i do, if an update comes out

It will show there is an update usually bottom left corner just click and it will update

alright, thanks again


I had the same issue. I was able to resolve by ending all wemod tasks running via task manager. Hope you got it sorted!

same here like it won’t work

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