Wemod wont start

i have tried disabling firewall and virus scanner reboot and up date .net still loads up and blank screen uninstalled and rebooted .

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What Anti Virus are you running? :slightly_smiling_face: I know you said you disabled it but it can be quite finnicky to resolve it once it’s been flagged previously

After the uninstall, this folder: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\WeMod is sometimes left behind. First, disable your antivirus then uninstall WeMod and remove the folder above then reboot your PC and reinstall WeMod. Also try running WeMod as an administrator for good measure.

This definitely sounds like your antivirus is killing the WeMod.exe before it can launch.

using malwarebytes still not working i excluded the whole folder and the exe in the firewall and the virus scanner and disabled both

I run malware bytes so it shouldn’t be that, do you have an anti virus like McAfee or BitDefender installed?

nope i worked on computers for 30 years i have tried everything i know to do other then wipe windows and reload and im not about to do that for 1 software, may just have to get a refund.

You can try following this tutorial

The error you’re having is from something killing the update.exe not allowing WeMod to refresh its data