Wemod works great in Bottles on Linux!

I’ve seen a few topics here and there about getting Wemod working on Steam Deck. Whiles it’s not the smoothest of setups the guides shared here worked, and I’m looking forward to some of the community projects that will help make that more straight forward. Huge thanks to everyone involved in making all of those happen.

I just thought I’d share my experience of using Wemod outside of Steam with other game launchers as I was shocked at how amazing it works via Bottles. It works flawlessly in the half dozen games I’ve tried and it was easy (for me) to set up.

I thought I would share the steps I took for anyone curious in trying it out who hasn’t yet as I haven’t seen anyone mention non-Steam launchers.

Now, I’m on desktop Linux so it might differ a little for Steam Deck, but based on what I’ve seen, it should work the same.

Things you’ll need:

  • Bottles (I used the Flatpak version)
  • Flatseal (If using the Flatpak version of Bottles)
  • Installed Wemod files from a Windows machine You can move them with a flash drive, online storage, take your pick.

I’ve tried using the installer via bottles but I haven’t managed to get it to work yet. The setup launches, but it’s not drawing the window properly in order to progress.


  • Setup your Bottle and install the launcher and game you want to use. (Make sure they run ok)
  • Copy over the Wemod files to somewhere familiar (Likely somewhere in /home)
  • Using Flatseal, select Bottles and under Filesystem > Other files add the location to the Wemod folder you set up so Bottles can access the Wemod files.
  • Back in Bottles add a shortcut or run an executable and point to the WeMod.exe

It should launch and find any games that you run within that Bottle (It should even detect your installed games). At least it did for me and I ran a couple of games each from the EA, Epic and Ubisoft launchers.

For additional reference I am also using the following settings in most of my Bottles:
Runner: Wine-ge-proton8-8
DXVK: dxvk-2.2
VKD3D: vkd3d-proton-2.9

Dependencies: I am mostly using the defaults, plus dotnet40, dotnet48, dotnetcoredesktop3, dotnetcoredesktop6, vcredist2015 & vcredist2019

If you do not have Wine-ge-proton8-8 you can install it using ProtonUp-Qt which is also available as a Flatpak. Most games should work with the built in Soda runner too, though I haven’t tested this.


It’s wonderful to hear that you had a positive experience with Bottles and that Wemod worked flawlessly for you in various games. Your contribution to the community by sharing these steps is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the valuable information!

Thank you! I have had such a hard time getting this to work in the past but now it works perfectly. So glad I don’t have to keep hunting down standalone trainers!