WeMod's (Windows) Path + Update Versions + Custom Firewall Rules

I want to suggest consolidating WeMod’s .exe(s) into a folders that don’t change their names with each version/update. For those who use custom firewall rules, each update requires us to change the paths of the (outgoing) rules (e.g, from …WeMod\app-8.4.0 to …WeMod\app-8.4.1) or lose connection to the servers.

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It works perfectly fine for me and I don’t have to change paths even though I use a custom firewall

Same here. Works perfectly and I don’t need to change nothing after a update.

This is something we would like to do in the future but realistically you shouldn’t need to add an exclusion unless your settings are very strict.

That’s true. It’s only necessary to add exclusions because my (windows) firewall is set to block all connections (inbound & outbound). There might also be some automatic processes, more advanced users know about, to auto-target the .exe(s) even if they change paths, but I wouldn’t know how to do that. Nonetheless, I’m quite happy we WeMod and look forward to the day you implement this, even though it’s definitely a low-priority feature.

I used the default Windows Firewall, but its settings are set to block all connections (inbound & outbound), unless specified/allowed by a rule, created manually, in order to control protocols, ports, etc. Because it targets a specific path, any change to it, which happens with updates, invalidates the rule. This is why I started this topic. Is this how yours is configured, or are outbound connections allowed (default behaviour)? or does your custom firewall allow you to target an app/program regardless of it’s path?

The same reply applies to MosaicSlimeGaming as well.

Man, I use the default Windows Defender Firewall too.

I never needed to change any settings in my Firewall options but on Avanced Configs you can change the inbound & outbound rules. For me, WeMod always stay okay with no troubles/crashes/connections problems. Just downloaded & started it.

Here in my exceptions and rules you can see WeMod doesn’t even show up. And none kind of connections problems. I don’t know why your WeMod app is disconnecting after an update, it looks like some problem with your PC/router.

Check if there is any kind of configuration you made on your firewall. I highly recommend you to restore patterns, the option is right above Advanced Configs.

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Thank you for trying to help, but you misunderstood what I meant or I didn’t explain myself clearly. Windows Firewall’s Default Settings are set to Block Inbound Rules/Regras de Entrada and to Allow Outbound Rules/Regras de Saída. I’m assuming this is how you have it set up, since it’s the default behaviour. My configuration is set up so it’s blocks both, and not just one, meaning my computer cannot communicate with we WeMod, with a Browser, with Windows, or with anything at all, unless I grant permission via an Outbound Firewall Rule.

WeMod never requires Inbound Rules, but it does require that Outbound Rule because I’m not using the default behaviour, otherwise it cannot communicate with the servers. Because of this, the point of my post was to ask WeMod to “centralize” their .exe(s), so each version doesn’t create a new folder, with the name version, therefore changing the path of the .exe with each update, because this requires me to change these outbound rules each time WeMod updates.

I hope this explained the reasoning behind my post!