WePoints, what are they even used for?

What are WePoints even used for? I see that I redeem them pretty much every day I log on to Infinity, but what can they be used for?

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Plus we are planning on adding a bunch of cool ways to spend them, very, very soon!

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Awesome cant wait ^^, I used my first 10k points to change my name, no regrets :sunglasses:

Cost 1k to change. How the heck did you use 10k?

Strange, or maybe since i changed as i was working i didnt paid attention, or worse, i changed 10 times in a row :scream:.

ps: maybe the first time cost more? like drugs but the other way around.

1 million WeMod points should get you a free t-shirt… :smirk:

2,5 million for a hoodie?

10 mil for @unknown_v2’s computer specs.

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