We're having trouble starting or finding your opened game

Hello ,

When I start the application to play the game it gives this error message.
‘We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game’

I didn’t quite understand how to do the part in the description section.
’ If WeMod is unable to find your game or if you manually linked the exe you will need to manually perform the anticheat bypass. Create a text file in the game’s folder where the exe is located with 1245620 as the contents and name it “steam_appid”. Launch the game directly from eldenring.exe then click play in WeMod after your game has finished loading.’

I start the game in offline mode otherwise but Wemod still doesn’t work.
Can you help me ?

What part of the instructions do you not understand? If you didn’t do the bypass, the trainer won’t work.

I couldn’t understand how to bypass, my computer knowledge is not very good

You need to go to where your game is installed and create a new text file with 1245620 in it and name the file steam_appid

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Thanx bro

What is a text file and how do u make one?