What Color Beats Solo HD should i get?

Thanks Everyone for the help! i decided to get the white pair because all my irl said so but i really appreciate the votes! i may get black next pair i buy! (pros)

P.S. If you buy any head phones buy beats by dre! AMAZING SOUND AND BASS! you wont believe it until you have them!


Red, to help teh aids

vote please.

So pretty much, I’m gonna show off my money and see which people look?

if your referring to me then no… im not… but if your saying that $200 is considered showing off?.. thats just… sad… sorry

Sir, you said ill probably get white because my girlfriend said it would look good. So why post a poll.

Black. White will get dirty over time.

because i want to know whats a more popular color?.. thats an obvious one lol… one of my friends had his birthday today and he got them in (RED) so… idk… why even post that comment… its obviously just a post boost…


i would go with black, but not solo beats, Studios All the Way!

true but those are like 100 more or whatever

Ya i only bought them cause i got them for $180 at Best Buy cause i had Apple $70 headphones that broke and they said they didnt have anymore when i had a warranty, so they said they’ll give me 50% off any headphones they have

I would customize my own color, but you would have to pay $400 to buy them new.
Make them what ever color you want if you could afford them!

those are legit?

Yes.They paint almost anything but its gonna cost a bit.

Get the purple Just Beats “Justing Bieber Beats”

lmao kidding, black or white, red is… eh

EDIT: Dont get the crappy solos. If you want decent quality, get the studios.

I got a white case for my phone, but it had a rubbery feel to it. It probably dragged along dirt and what not from how much grip it had and stained my case in a matter of days! :confused: But the headphones have like a plastic over coating and it wouldn’t be able to attract and keep such stains as easily I believe.

Black. but I do not think that they are worth it.

None, I’d take a pair of HD595’s any day over these, these are way overpriced for what you actually get.