What do you do?

I’m an older gamer(2 months from 49 years old) and I’m curious what you play.

What’s your current passion that wemod enables?

I’m just now finishing Cyberpunk2077. I took time off to let my son play it during the covid era as it only ran on one of our pcs at the time(remember the horrid launch issues since fixed). I just now got back into it and wow…it’s what old games did well back in the day before everything went online/multiplayer.

I’m an avid Project Zomboid player. I only do solo due to time/work restraints but love how much support this game has mod wise multi/solo.

I became a Vampire Survivors addict as well. This game opened an entire library of similar gameplay titles to me. To say I’m hooked on this genre is a gross understatement…

American Truck Simulator/Euro Truck Sim has also hooked me recently. I can honestly say I never expected that. Love both though.

Ironically I don’t use Wemod on most of what I mentioned, but I couldn’t imagine gaming without it. (Cyber yes, PZ no, VS no, trucks no.)

Lemme know what you dig. I live for word of mouth experiences.

I’ve played roughly 50-100 games in the last year. Always starts the same though, does it have wemod?

I’m 47 myself, and i’m about the same as you. whether a game has wemod trainers for it or not- does influence my decision to buy a game.

There’s so many great games out there, but depending on your preferences, but if you enjoy RPG-type of games, I’d highly recommend Witcher 3. (Same developers as Cyberpunk.)

Cheers and happy gaming!

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Thanks for the response, I appreciate you.
I’ve played all Witcher series and love them! 3 is on the horizon as a revisit thanks to wemod, as I played it originally without and I’m dying to visit anything I missed.