What does Game Adder do on Horizon?

I feel like this is probably a dumb quest, what does it mean? What kind of games does it add?

It adds GPDs for games to your profile, and you can use the achievement unlocker to gain higher gamerscore for your account.

so you can add achievements or avatar awards to your profile.

It adds games to your profile that you can after unlock achievements and awards from.

It adds games to your recent games to make it seem as you have played it and from there you can mod the achievements for that certain game or get the avatar awards for it.


If you’ve got anymore questions feel free to PM me!


Game Adder is something i dont wanna bother with because it cost money to use… fricken diamond upgrade crap is annoying.

You may not want to use money on us. But its a good product.
Either way. Why are you bumping a 5 year old topic?


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What is annoying about it? Diamond and Pro is how we can afford to keep the site running and the majority of our features free.

In the future please don’t bump old threads.

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