What external hard drive should I get?

Just looking for suggestions that are affordable but also perform well. I want at least 1TB. I’m just a little out of my element with this, so I was hoping others would know more.

I wasn’t sure if this is a support thread or discussion, so… nobanpls.

Western Digital is always the best. This 2TB USB 3.0 portable model for $84.37+ free shipping is a great deal.
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Western-Digital-Passport-Ultra-Portable/dp/B00E055H5O/ref=sr_1_2/176-7068200-8432703?ie=UTF8&qid=1432653812&sr=8-2&keywords=western+digital+portable+2tb

I got a western digital 4 tb for $130 plus tax from best buy. Had it for a little bit now and I haven’t had any problems with it.

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Two people say Western Digital… anyone else?

Also, I assume it’s rather straightforward to hook up the external drive, but is there anything I should know? Were there any caveats that you weren’t expecting? If I format the drive for games and apps, would I be unable to use it on a computer? I would potentially like to put media on the hard drive to play on my console.

I Would prefer Seagate they are fast and reliable, i have one which fell from me like 20+ times (i’m a bit lousy) and still works as a charm.

+1 for Seagate.
I have a 2TB one currently hooked up.

This is what I have. It just plugs into the back of my Xbox and is hidden away.

ya I agree WD is your best best to me i has Seagate fail on me quite often and i picked up a WD 4T My Book for $130 from bestbuy.com and been very happy i use it for my X1

Microsoft released a 3TB one for like $130.00, i’ll post the link: http://www.gamestop.com/accessories/xbox-one-3tb-expansion-usb-30-external-hard-drive/112876

Micro didn’t release it, but you get my drift lol. It’s a seagate.

Will downloading games straight to the external HDD cause lower download speeds?

No. They will have faster read/write speeds though.

I would go western digital, i’ve had countless seagates fail on me.